Your cat is actually speaking in words!


Each sound your cat makes has its own meaning - cats speak their own language. It just takes time for humans to learn their language. Experts say there are three categories of vocal sounds a cat makes, and each category has a meaning of its own. So this is what the experts say. The three categories are:

• Murmurs – vocalizing with the mouth shut, purring and that mhr? sound are two of them

• Vowel Pattern – the typical ‘meow’ – with the mouth opening at the start of a sound and closing at the end of the sound

• Strained Intensity Vocalizations – are when the cat holds his mouth open throughout the sound even after the sound ends. Hissing, screaming.

But what about those combinations sounds the ones that start as murmurs and end as a vowel pattern?

neo talking.png

Cats have a more complex language than we give them credit for.

Murmurs are generally the communication of choice when the cat is content. Vowel Patterns are used to ask for something and Strained Intensity Vocalizations are when the cat is upset. But like I said, it goes beyond that. If you listen closely enough, cats cat tell you exactly what they want. Because each of the sounds they make have a different meaning.


Take a murmur for example – Neo has a murmur that lets me know he wants to be picked up, and one that tells me he wants a treat – I know this because of his body language at the same time…but I’ll get into body language at a later date…but the sounds are different and distinct from one another.

A meow is not just a meow – Cats can tell you that they are hungry or that it is time for a cuddle or that it is time for you to get to bed so they can curl up with you. But they say this with different sounds.

Also with the Strained Intensity Vocalizations can show they are excited and want to get out to chase those birds, or tell you clearly that they are about to throw up.

Listen to your cat carefully, you might just learn a new language!


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