My name is Melanie and my cat's name is Neo. I love cats!

Hi, I’m Melanie and my cat’s name is Neo (yes, I am a huge fan of the Matrix trilogy – but that’s a topic for another day!) I love cats, all cats, and cats seem to love me too!

Lately, I’ve been disappointed with the lack of information available to cat lovers of the world. That’s why I decided to start FaceKitty.

FaceKitty is a place where cat lovers can come to find not only facts and information, but also good websites and hot gadgets for you and your cat. Its also a place for you to share your ideas, so tell me about your cats, show me pictures, and comment on the pictures and info I post here.

But its not all about fun and cat pictures, there are millions of cats out there suffering everyday. Help put a Face to those Kitties who suffer needlessly. Let’s make life better for every cat in the world. Rescue programs, advocacy, and bettering the lives of our feline friends are priorities of FaceKitty.

Occasionally, you’ll see guest blog entries from vets, cat psychologists, and owners of interesting cats, plus inventors of cat toys and furniture. View pictures and read profiles of unique cats from all over the world…

FaceKitty is where you’ll find everything you want to know about cats!



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