How to brush your cat’s teeth – without the scars to prove it!

Brushing your cat’s teeth extends their lives, but finding a way to do it can be a challenge.


The most important thing is to keep it fun, for you and for your cat. Get some yummy toothpaste – no not the minty kind, you need special kitty toothpaste in poultry or beef flavor – and have lots of tooth friendly treats available (your vet has them, these treats taste good and help keep your cat’s teeth clean) and a cat toothbrush.

Ok, you’re all set. You just need a cat.

I like to start off the tooth brushing with some grooming. My secret is to lull him into a groomed cat trance, by brushing and combing him.

Then I let him taste the toothpaste and the tooth friendly treats. I guess he thinks he’s getting treats for sitting so well for his combing. Then I bring out the brush and let him chew and lick it. Then I brush. Well not really brush, more like swipe the brush over his teeth. Because that’s when the game gets a little rough. I have to hold Neo’s head or else he ends up with toothpaste all over his cheeks. Although I suppose that’s ok, because he cleans it off and the toothpaste is still working.

Just getting the cat toothpaste in your cat’s mouth is a great accomplishment. The toothpaste has some enzymes in it that start to work on your cat’s teeth right away.


If you do this for a few days in a row, you can then start gently rubbing the toothpaste on the sides of your cat’s teeth, and eventually, you’ll be able to get the toothbrush on his teeth.

But it takes time. And patience. Cat’s like it to seem like it was their idea. So even if you let them play with the toothbrush and chew on it a bit, it will start to feel like a game and something fun for them.

Just remember to keep it light and don’t get stressed out about it – that’ll make kitty very mad and you’ll get those scars.

Happy brushing,



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