Feeding your cats a vegan diet: Abuse? or the Ethical Choice?

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What is right for the cat?

The latest trend is feeding your cat an all-vegan or vegetarian diet. Not sure about this one. Cats are predators, naturally born killers - ok, so it's hard to imagine neo as a predator - but he could hunt...if he had to...his mom gave him hunting lessons...I'm sure he remembers!

But here’s my problem…Cats are carnivores… but I just heard about someone who feeds their cat a tomato stew with garbanzo beans – Tomatoes?

This just doesn’t seem right. All cats have been known to eat some spinach, grass, and other veggies at times….but as part of their daily diet, not the whole diet. Their bodies weren’t designed for veggies.

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So to keep them vegan (or even vegetarian) you have to supplement their diets with synthetic Taurine (a protein only found in meat). Synthetic food? How can that be better than the meat it comes from? And if you don’t supplement right, your poor kitty suffers loss of hearing, skin and bone problems….why do this to your cat?

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Cat’s have a really high concentration of acids in their stomachs to digest fresh meat quickly. And a short set of intestines to move the meat out of their systems quickly. They just don’t have what it takes to digest veggies…. Tomatoes? Gosh that just sounds like a starved cat looking for something to fill his belly. I’d say its abuse. What do you think?

Not sure? Read this for more info

The Vegetarian Society UK - Information Sheet - Cats - Vegetarian Diet?


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